Hello my dear friends.

I am Johnny Icon, lead singer, songwriter and producer for Icon & The Black Roses. I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. What you might not know about me is that I started playing guitar when I was about 10 and took it pretty seriously. I was 10 following the steps of a classmate who the girls seemed to love. I guess I wanted the attention but very soon I realized that I had found my true passion and started writing songs straight away. I frequented a couple of music schools. At some point I wanted to be a guitar hero but deep down inside I guess I always wanted to be a singer.

When I turned 15 I joined a doom metal band called Delightful Solitude. As I was so young and, had very strong ideas, the band decided to offload me just before they recorded their demo, which had a couple of sections written by me.

After this period I was in a number of bands without taking any of them seriously enough to do any real work. I suppose I didn’t know how to at the time. It was not until I got to the age of 19 when I started Blue Obsession, that I decided to start both writing songs and singing. We could not find the right type of voice for the band which lead to me singing in the rehearsals. I was pretty bad, I mean tone deaf type of bad. My father used to describe my singing like the sound of a cow in distress. However with the help of some good friends (David, our drummer back then) and my persistence I never gave up.

Blue Obsession eventually became Icon and after a lot of members came in and out we recorded and released our debut album in 2004. The band split shortly after. In 2007 I moved to London as I needed a change and it was during this period that I got in touch with Ace of Hearts. I was asked to record some vocals on some of their demos which eventually lead to the “Monster” album. In the meantime Icon’s former members decided to get back together and in 2013 we released our latest album “Thorns”.

I have been working with Icon for over 15 years! Damn that just shows how old I am… Anyway I also have other projects such as (please click on them for the links):